Who We Are

  • The SBA , EDA & FmHA Guaranteed Loan Specialists
  • Over 30 Consecutive Years in Loan Business
  • Bank Servicing Company
  • Run by a Team of Accountants Specializing in Government Lending Programs
  • Equipped with Knowledge, Staff and Capabilities to Complete Loan Requests
  • Direct Correspondents of Many Banks and Financial Institutions Actively Participating in the SBA, NJEDA and FmHA Guaranteed Lending Programs
  • Fast and Reliable Service

USA Funding is a bank servicing firm offering a wide range of governmental, commercial, and business financial services which will help your business obtain the capital it needs. Our firm specializes in making capital accessible to underserved entrepreneurs.

USA funding offers SBA, NJEDA and FmHA guaranteed loans for short and long-term projects, ranging from $100,000 and $50,000,000, for every business regardless of how well established or newly established your business is. We are here to ensure that you achieve your goals.

We have a group of qualified accountants who have 30-plus years of sound experience working in the field. Our team focuses on evaluating your profile and abilities to ensure that your requested loan gets approved by the government. Our experts evaluate your business from all aspects and provide you with a rate and term that we know we can achieve for your business to get you approved for a loan. We will furnish your profile with references from our organization, within 48 hours and at zero cost to you.

What Sets Us Apart

We carefully evaluate potential clients and only take on those who pass our vetting process. We will work directly with your CPA and other professionals and organize the entire borrower package. Our borrowers are not expected to do anything (if they retain us). The lenders we work with share all of the ratios and requirements that must be met with us. What this means for you is that we can quickly determine whether we’ll be able to get you approved for financing before you even have to make an application with a lender, saving you valuable time in the process.

Last year alone, USA Funding successfully processed over $9,000,000 in loans for clients who were turned down by lenders prior to coming to USA Funding for help. These were people in the tri-state area who were creditworthy but could not navigate the difficult application processes set forth by the lending institutions.

USA Funding proceeds quickly with all necessary documents relating to commercial loans and pre-approvals. For over 30 consecutive years, we’ve been one of the only companies of our nature operating in the tri-state area.

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Our Commitment

For over 30 consecutive years, we’ve been one of the only companies doing this specialized work in the tri-state area. We are committed to open and honest communication with our clients throughout the funding process, educating and empowering them so that they can make informed financing decisions for their company. We believe in providing our clients with complete transparency throughout the funding process, and we take pride in steering them towards the healthiest and most responsible commercial financing solutions.

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