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Our Clients

Our Clients

We help business owners obtain the needed capital they require and provide a swift and competent response to eliminate wasted time. USA Funding will utilize its 30 years of experience in the industry to streamline the process of obtaining funding. Our office will complete all of the paperwork and coordinate the efforts with your accountant, attorney and other professionals to bring everyone to the closing table in a timely fashion.

Why are we different?

Why are we different?

We perform detailed inspections of our clients’ financial position free of cost. We only pre-approve customers who pass our rigorous review process. The next step is to collaborate with your CPA and other professionals to organize the entire preliminary loan package. All of our work is performed by our internal staff to minimize the stress in finding the lender. Our office takes extreme care to ensure every client meets the requirements of any lending program we suggest.

Why Should You Choose USA Funding?

Why Should You Choose USA Funding?

USA Funding is a Bank Servicing Firmspecializing in streamlining the extremely complicated process of obtaining funding. By utilizing our services, you can stay focused on your business while we obtain the funds necessary for growing and expanding it. USA Funding can streamline the financing process while saving you hours of wasted time.

USA Funding has over 30 years of experience generating, packaging, processing, and closing everything associated with SBA, FmHA, NJEDA and various types of commercial loans.

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How to Apply for a Loan

It’s easy to apply for a loan with USA Funding. Just speak with one of our experienced loan officers, who will guide you through the process. Our loan officers will answer all questions about any of our services from you, your attorney and/or your CPA, and create a plan tailored specifically for your needs.

RECENT TRANSACTIONSUSA Funding Provides A Hassle-Free Process With Experienced And Dedicated Loan Officers For Over 30 Years. Our Success Is Driven By Your Passion To Grow Your Business

A Meat and Dry Goods wholesale operation received $2,900,000 to purchase an existing cheese manufacturing plant.

A bar / restaurant located in Seaside Heights, N.J., has obtained a $2,900,000 SBA loan in order to buy out a partner.

A Monmouth County Golf Course received $2,900,000 through the SBA 504 Program to refinance their existing mortgage and to make improvements.

A South Jersey Gun Store – Gun Range received a $3,900,000 SBA 7A loan to start up their facility and build their commercial location.

A donut shop in Toms River, N.J., received $450,000 to purchase their rented retail location with only 10% down.

A popular breakfast and lunch business in Bradley Beach, N.J., purchased their building for $750,000 with an SBA loan.

A Mexican restaurant located in Bennington, Vt., has obtained a $150,000 SBA loan in order to purchase the existing business from the original owners.

An “over the road” trucking company located in Levittown, Pa., has obtained an $800,000 SBA loan in order to refinance debt and purchase new trucks.

A sanitation transfer station located in North Bergen, N.J., has obtained a $2,500,000 SBA loan to refinance existing debt and purchase equipment.

A seaside motel located in Long Beach Island, N.J., has obtained a $3,500,000 SBA loan to purchase the facility from the original owner.

A hardware store in Jackson, N.J., utilized the SBA to purchase a third location for $450,000

An auto parts recycling facility located in Newark, N.J., has obtained a $4,500,000 NJEDA bond in order to purchase their commercial property.

An auto body repair shop located in Elizabeth, N.J., has obtained a $400,000 SBA loan to purchase a commercial building.

An auto restoration facility located in Centereach, Long Island, has obtained a $220,000 SBA loan to refinance existing debt and for working capital.

A commercial contractor located in North Jersey received a $5,000,000 commercial line of credit for bonding and operational working capital.

A “seven location” funeral home business obtained a combination SBA loan / commercial loan in order to refinance all seven mortgages, retire short-term debt and obtain working capital.

A bar located in Asbury Park, N.J., has obtained a $275,000 SBA loan to refinance their existing commercial mortgage and to make improvements.

A chain of specialized grocery stores in Lakewood, N.J., obtained a combination SBA 405 loan and SBA 7A loan in the amount of $5,500,000 to refinance existing debt and obtain working capital.

Properly present

Properly Present Your Business

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Presentation, and selecting the proper lender, is the most important aspect of getting your loan approved quickly. Any irrelevant or conflicting information, financial data, or any modification in government lending programs can result in an immediate turndown for financing. Our team of professionals will eliminate all unnecessary pieces of information and put you in the best light possible to the potential lender.

Processing Time

Processing Time

Please note that our office only chooses to work with highly motivated borrowers, because we can only move as quickly as you do. Typical processing, for motivated clients, can range anywhere from 2 to 4 days for a pre-approval and 30 to 60 days for a closure.

Fast Approvals

Fast Approvals

We perform a detailed review of our clients’ financial situation free of cost, in order to determine their ability to obtain financing with one of our partner lenders. Our team of professionals will take a detailed application and orchestrate the entire loan package for you. We will directly coordinate with the borrower’s CPA, attorney and other professionals in order to facilitate a fast approval and then closing.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

USA Funding is staffed by a team of accountants and bankers who have over 120 years of combined experience in the industry. All of our staff are familiar with the correct way of packaging and processing both government and commercial loans.

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Types of Business Loans We Offer















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Guaranteed Loans & Commercial Financing Specialists

USA Funding provides both long and short term SBA / NJEDA / FmHA and Commercial loans ranging from $100.000 to $50.000.000 for both owner-occupied and investment properties.

A Bank Servicing Firm

USA Funding is a bank servicing firm that offers a wide range of governmental, commercial and business financing services which will help your business obtain the capital it needs. Our firm specializes in making capital accessible to the underserved entrepreneurs.

Correspondents for Many Banks and Financial Institutions

USA Funding is a direct correspondent for various banks and financial institutions that play an active role in the SBA, NJEDA and FmHA guaranteed lending programs as well as other direct lending programs that may not require a Government guarantee component.

30+ Consecutive Years in Business

USA Funding is the only private company of its kind specializing in government financing for over 3 decades.

We succeed where others fail

A major part of our business is reworking loans that have been turned down by other lenders because they are packaged incorrectly or possibly they are at the wrong bank for their industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Why shouldn’t I go directly to the bank?)

All lending (but specifically government lending) is an art and not a science. What this means is that if you cannot present yourself properly to the lender, fail to keep up to date with the changes in the government lending programs, apply to a bank that doesn’t finance your industry, are unfamiliar with the required format of your business plan or complete your projections or any other financial data incorrectly, you will will end up being turned down for financing.

Last year alone, USA Funding successfully processed over $40,000,000 in loans for clients who were turned down by lenders before coming to us for help. These were business owners who were creditworthy but could not navigate the difficult application processes set forth by the lending institutions.

USA Funding is staffed by a team of trained accountants and bankers with over 120 years of combined experience in the Government and Commercial Lending Industry. Our team will quickly ascertain your ability to be approved for financing, provide you with a rate and term quoted by our lender (pre-approval) and furnish you with a complete list of references that we have successfully funded within the last 12 months. All this can be accomplished in 48 hours and at no cost to you!

Most importantly, USA Funding will take a complete application package and will orchestrate any missing items from your accountant and attorney.

In summary, you keep running your business and we will do everything associated with getting you your financing!

USA Funding is the direct correspondent of several banks that share with us their exact requirements for approval. This means we can review all your documentation and know whether or not you are going to pass muster with the loan committee prior to application.

Utilizing a governmental loan to purchase a commercial provides many advantages, such as:

  • A possible smaller down payment
  • A straight amortization of 25 years with no balloons
  • A possible assumability to creditworthy borrowers
  • More flexibility with underwriting requirements

In some instances, we are able to utilize government lending programs to finance the purchase of 51% owner-occupied real estate with as little as 10% down and up to 40% of the remaining balance fixed for 25 years.

USA Funding is staffed by a team of experts who can complete your request much faster than industry norms. We provide our clients with all requirements for processing their loans immediately after application. Typical closing takes place within a time frame of 30 to 90 days depending on the complexity of the transaction.

With an SBA loan, a business can finance 100% of the equipment cost (including installation costs), should they decide to do so. Compare this to standard equipment leasing companies, who will lease your equipment (for shorter periods of time and at much higher interest rates which carry higher monthly payments) and will not cover any installation or set-up costs. Leasing companies have pre-payment penalties for equipment, while SBA does not. Equipment borrowed with an SBA can be prepaid at any time.  

Another option is to finance your equipment through your commercial bank. In this case, most commercial lenders traditionally require the potential borrower to inject up to 25% of the equipment cost into the transaction and will only finance the remaining 75% for a five-year term at best (leaving the borrower with a much higher monthly payment).

USA Funding, through our lenders and the SBA, can provide a fully amortized loan for machinery and equipment that carries a 10-year term with no prepayment penalties! In addition, they will also consider financing the setup and rigging of the new equipment if needed. Additionally, and most importantly, SBA loans for machinery and equipment carry no pre-payment penalties and have no balloons.

As common sense would dictate, the proposed loan must be reasonably secured to assure its repayment. In other words, there should be sufficient collateral to cover the loan amount in case of a default situation.

Lack of collateral, however, is not a determining factor in denying a loan; although if an applicant does have assets, the SBA may ask them to be pledged. Each situation is different and must be reviewed on a “case by case” basis by our team.

Remember, success in lending is sometimes more about knowing how to navigate the approval and underwriting process


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